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To celebrate November's feast of All Saints, I've been given permission by my publisher to reprint an excerpt from my book, Spirited Lives (Twenty-Third Publications), here on my website. If you'd like to read a chapter--for free--just click on the book cover below. That will enable you to download a pdf. You can also read the whole thing at the publisher's site, right here. Enjoy with my compliments!


My newest book, from Twenty-Third Publications, actually came out a few months ago...but it's still new and exciting to me, anyway. Here are stories about 20 of the most fascinating people you could meet--there's the fun-loving Pier Giorgio Frassati, the World War II pacifist Franz Jaggerstatter, and the Aussie sister, Mary MacKillop, who traipsed the woop-woop spreading the Good News. Learn more right here.

Then there's this...

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Pope Francis has homework for you--and I can help.

Once, at a papal audience Pope Francis asked the crowd to repeat each of the Beatitudes after him. He gave everyone--not just those present that day, but all of us, you and me--the task of reading Matthew Chapter 5, where the Beatitudes are. And of course, he doesn't want us to just read them. He wants us to live them. (Here's a link to the story, if you're interested.) I certainly didn't understand the Beatitudes until I really started thinking and praying about them. And my little booklet, Living the Beatitudes (from Twenty-Third Publications), can help anyone understand the Beatitudes better, and see how they apply to our lives. So do your homework for Pope Francis, and let me help!

You can learn more about my other books on my Books page, too!

These cute little activity books are soooo reasonably priced, and they're a lot of fun!


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...And more of my books!

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See them all at, yep,  my Books page!

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